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Graphic Design


Octopus Ventures conducted some in depth research on University Spinouts (successful businesses born out of studying). This ranking was important in their field and needed a report that was easy to digest and clearly showed the more successful institutions.

While adhering to the brand guidelines, I made the report simple and easy to read, allowing for greater emphasis on statistics and pull-outs as per the client’s requests.

Octopus Investments are an investments provider who have market-leading positions in tax-efficient investment, smaller company financing, renewable energy and healthcare.

Create a collection of brochures to explain the benefits of P2P. Make sure they feel like Octopus collateral but use their own theme to be distinct. Imagery with warm tones, using themes of early morning and breakfast were intended to present the idea of ‘the early bird gets the worm’

The welcome document and agenda for meeting among CEOs in the fintech industry. The document needed to be slick and clearly segment the different areas of business the speakers come from.

I got the idea to use the keyline as a recurring structural element that represents a timeline from an old cookbook.