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Graphic Design


Octopus Real Estate had previously released a buy-to-let product that was twice withdrawn from sale because the funding source failed to provide sufficient funds, creating extensive negative media coverage and a negative sentiment with brokers. After securing a new funding source, they were ready to go to market with a new buy-to-let product with different terms.

The messaging needed to remain sensitive to those that had previously been let down by this product but made it clear this was a new product. Openness and transparency was key, we cannot ignore the past.


It was important to emphasise that this new product is the result of the process of refinement, 'Finding the perfect fit' struck a chord with the stakeholder, as it reflected both Octopus’ refinement of the product over time and brokers' struggles with placing the right clients for obscure loans (an Octopus speciality).

Visualised by a spinning match-up toy, this creative evolved across multiple platforms and media. To create the visual, I made three individual layers in Illustrator, and used After Effects to manipulate them into a 3d object. The animation showed the individual sections lining up differently before finding the ‘perfect fit’.

The asset was well suited for social platforms with a carousel function. As the user scrolled across the puzzle was slowly solved I had also suggested sending out a physical version of this object to brokers but we couldn’t go through with that for budget reasons.