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Graphic Design


Identify and represent the values of the Octopus group through a suite of consistent, adaptable photography. Primary use will be the website, but also to potentially use in offline media. Additionally find a way to represent each of the 6 businesses and the 5 BCorp stakeholders of People, Community, Environment, Customer and Shareholders.


Octopus represents the hopeful thought of a better tomorrow and their tagline is ‘a brighter way’. I wanted to combine these two narratives and use this photography to represent hopefulness through light. I identified a location, drew up storyboards and directed the shoot. I commissioned 6 neon lights for the businesses, to be dropped into the background in post, and also to be used as props going forward.

The BCorp suite was shot in the Octopus offices, using Octopus staff, to show authenticity and their genuine commitment to those stakeholders.

The photographer for this shoot was MATTHEW MCQUILLAN.

The six neon signs to represent the businesses within the Octopus group. I wanted them to look part of the same shot but have variation on angles to connote the individuality of the businesses.

Octopus Investment – Pie Chart
Octopus Real Estate – House
Octopus Venture – Microchip
Octopus Energy – Electricity
Octopus Renewables – Turbine
Octopus Wealth – Lifeline graph

The concept use a strong source of light as the focus and the models present the idea of hopefulness and curiosity. Each photo needed a considerable amount of negative space to allow text to be placed on top of them.

This set of photos needed to feel part of the same collection but represent our BCorp stakeholders of People, Community, Customer, Environment and Shareholders. Each has a corresponding colour and this artificial light was used in combination with natural light to do so.