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Graphic Design


Create a series of brand ads to promote Octopus Investments. The most common word their target audience associates with them is ‘Innovation’ so the ad needs to reinforce this idea.


I began by really exploring what Innovation means. Presenting it as some kind of flashy new object discredits the work to get to the point where you are described as innovative. It’s not something you happen across, it’s something you work for, day in day out.

The first interpretation of this concept revolved around the adage of ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’. This was the best way to tell the story that Octopus works day-in day-out for their clients.

The creative needed to be easily adaptable to different sizes and layouts.

As an additional touch point, we would send advisers a ‘build-it-yourself Rome’ kit in the post. Something that they could keep on their desk to remind them of Octopus and the ad.

The next ads in this series promoted the same message with different examples. The first talks to carving stone over a long period of time. The second talks of the little, unnoticed things that make a big impact, using the ridges on your keyboard as an example. This would hopefully remind them of the ad every time they looked at their keyboard.