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MyPocketSkill provides a platform for skilled 13-21 year olds to Earn, Save and Learn about money. The site gets good traffic but the conversion rate is low. Can we streamline the process from initial understanding of the service to sign up to posting a task.


I conducted user research on the current site to find pain points. Feedback was that they would like a better way to manage payments but otherwise the site was easy to use. Despite this, there was still a drop off for task posting so I made a note to encourage users to do so with prompts.

I mapped out customer journeys based on their personas and ran some interactive wireframe user testing which yielded some excellent results. I created a 'My money' section for easy access to financial info, and introduced sidebar tabs for easier navigation to switch between posting a task and requesting work little distraction. Most importantly, when I asked users to log in to the site, I didn’t ask them to post a task. 85% of the users proceeded to post a task unprompted by me, suggesting the new sign up journey greatly improves conversions. Further tasks such as managing your money or admin details were all handled with no issues.

I created a new collection of modular components built from a set of site-wide symbols to make it easier for them to update their site going forward. Finally, the last step was to build artwork for the site using those components and hand over to the development team.

100% of users posted a task with the post a task button, as opposed to the nav item

85% of users posted a task completely unprompted

85% of users used the new ‘see matches’ button after posting

100% found payment history in the new ‘My money’ section

We commissioned Matt to help us with to improve user journeys and the look and feel of MyPocketSkill. Matt delivered excellent quality work to budget and time and was an absolute pleasure to work with. He worked with different team members and got feedback from our customers and young people on our platform. We will not hesitate to recommend Matt

Zara RansleyCo-Founder, MyPocketSkill