Mypocketskill is on a mission to create a financially empowered GenZ by providing a platform that connects skilled teens with households and businesses that need tasks doing..


The site gets good traffic but the conversion rate is low. Can we streamline the process from initial understanding of the service to sign up to posting a task.


Interview users about their struggles with the site, and amend to address. Consolidate information on how the service works and introduce a new, easy to access page. Provide prompts during the sign up journey to encourage new users to post.


The first step was to take a look at the current site and understand it’s complexity. The site has two profile types that need equal weighting. I then broke the components of the website down into individual parts to make it easier to build a design system for the site.

Feedback survey

To get an idea about what else users might currently struggle with when using the site I conducted some user research. Mostly the existing users thought the site was easy to navigate but wanted to be able to better manage their payments.

Personas and user journey

Fortunately, Mypocketskill already had some customer personas to work from so I used those to build out some user journeys. The current journeys ended on the My listings page which was a dead end so I wanted to encourage them to loop back round to the browse page to keep them engaging with the site.

Wireframe and prototype

The next step was creating an interactive wireframe for users to test. I introduced a ‘My money’ section that gave users easy access to their financial info. Because of the different types of users on the site, I wanted to create a structure that allowed for easily interchangeable components. I introduced a sidebar with tab navigation to switch between sections with as little visual distraction as possible.

User testing

The user testing of the wireframe yielded some excellent results. Some new components, were suggested and we got some great feedback. Most importantly, when I asked users to log in to the site, I didn’t ask them to post a task. 85% of the users proceeded to post a task unprompted by me, suggesting the new sign up journey greatly improves conversions. Further tasks such as managing your money or admin details were all handled with no issues.

100% of users posted a task with the post a task button, as opposed to the nav item

85% of users posted a task completely unprompted

85% of users used the new ‘see matches’ button after posting

100% found payment history in the new ‘My money’ section

Build design system and layout artwork

Mypocketskill had been designed previously without consideration for a consistent design system. I created a new collection of re-usable assets built from a set of site-wide symbols to make it easier for them to update their site going forward. Finally, the last step was to build artwork for the site using those components and hand over to the development team.