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Branding - Graphic Design


Create an identity for the learning and development platform for a company or roughly 1000 employees. This should be easily applicable to a number of formats and outcomes. It had to be professional but friendly to encourage staff to use the software.


The first steps for this project began with sketching out ideas for the logomark and choosing a typeface. I chose Aleo Bold because I think it has the formality of a serif font but has a friendly quality to it. The propeller icon was the hero asset chosen to be easily identifiable and when used in isolation. It was used to create a replicable design system that was recognisable but not too far from the parent company brand. This system was applied to a variety of online and offline collateral.

The propeller logo needed to feel exciting and dynamic. The idea being this was a platform to propel you in your career. The logomark is bold and uses subtle motion lines to give the idea of movement.

The branding could be easily applied in multiple use cases. As part of the identity, I created a background pattern that could easily recognisable when applied to anything from internal communications to Powerpoint templates.