The Current

The biggest challenge with rebrands is often convincing people that change is a good thing. Stakeholder management is incredibly important, getting buy-in can make or break a project.


Rebrand an internal events committee. Create a recognisable, consistent design language that can be rolled out across event collateral, club materials and comms.


The name drew inspiration from the parent company’s nautical theme. ‘The Current’ has a dual definition of something that brings people together and things that are happening right now. The blue swoosh is a versatile asset that can be used in a variety of situations.

The logo is fun and gives the idea of energy and movement. There is an arrow hidden in the negative space to enforce the idea of direction and moving forward. I created a swoosh element that could be applied to any collateral and still have a recognisable curve.

The look and feel was clearly identifiable across all the requested assets.

We launched the new brand with a profile-raising event, including merchandise, competitions and club sign-ups. The launch went well and the brand is now well recognised and attendance of internal events had seen a sharp rise.