Concept to completion branding, collateral, website design and build for a startup electric vehicle fleet financing provider..


When Zeti approached me, they only had their name, an acronym of ‘Zero emissions transport investment’. They needed a professional, modern look and feel along with a website for business validation and generating leads.


Working closely with the founders, we talked about what their brand represented. Zeti are enabling companies to bring fleets into the modern era, but also allowing institutional investors to invest in a forward-looking company. The visual identity needed to be applied to a range of collateral while appealing to both the forward-thinking and financial-thinking audiences.

While retaining the corporate look and feel, I wanted to bring an element of movement into the logo design. Zeti deals in transport and I indicated this by using the ‘Z’ shape with an arrow.

The colour palette is traditional and bold. Blue signifies stability and balance, very good for a financial business. However, the accent of the red, combined with the extra bold typeface for headings distinguishes it from more conservative businesses in the same sector.

Zeti is…

In addition to the visuals, I worked with the client to establish a consistent approach to copy. The sector that Zeti works in can be seen as being an intangible future prospect, I wanted it to be clear that Zeti is working, today, on financing electric fleets. The site headings all start with ‘Zeti is‘ to reinforce this.

The Z icon is used as a graphic element across the business collateral. As well as being decorative, it is a great way of instantly bringing brand equity to a design without ruining the professional, financial look and feel.

The website serves as a point of contact for potential clients or investors. It was another exercise of appealing to multiple audiences and making sure the visual identity was robust enough to carry across it.

Branding projects are stylish but they also need to be practical. Whilst Powerpoint templates aren’t usually a designer’s favourite work, they’re integral for allowing the business to engage with, and become familiar with, the brand.